IMS Motors – Ssangyong

The automobile industry is a dynamic field characterized by constant innovation and technological progress. It ranks among the world’s most significant economic sectors in terms of revenue. As this industry evolves, its focus is increasingly shifting towards emerging markets, driven by factors such as rising disposable incomes, evolving lifestyles, and stable economic conditions. Nepal, being one such developing market, exhibits a growing disposable income and changing lifestyle patterns.

In 2016, IMS Motors undertook the prestigious role of national distributorship for SsangYong Motors, a distinguished Korean luxury automobile brand. This designation exclusively places IMS Motors as the sole distributor of this renowned brand in Nepal. The central objective of this endeavor is to introduce premium branded vehicles to the Nepali populace, thereby granting them exposure to global brands and cutting-edge automotive technologies. This initiative not only facilitates access to luxury brands but also aims to enrich citizens’ experiences with top-tier automotive craftsmanship, designs, and styles. This introduction of new designs and styles promises to provide customers with a thoroughly gratifying and novel driving encounter.

SsangYong Motor Company, recognized as the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, is at the heart of this collaboration. The company boasts a diverse lineup of models, particularly luxury SUVs and pickup trucks. Through this partnership, IMS Motors aims to contribute to Nepal’s automotive landscape by presenting its citizens with an array of high-quality vehicles that transcend utility, embodying a sophisticated blend of style, performance, and luxury.

Contact Details

  • Head Office:KB Plaza Building, 1st Floor Bina Marg- 1, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Phone: 01-4251545/ 4251318