About our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of IMS Motors which is the business subsidiary of IMS Group- SsangYong Motors includes all the needed information to keep records and access to our services and all the updates. This privacy policy only requires your information that are enough for you to know the news and other further updates of SsangYong Motors. These information are collected for the purpose of viewing our online advertisements and for you to use our services. We have no intentions of taking the personal information of the valued customers and misusing it.

Since your privacy is highly respected, your data are completely safe with us and will not be consent to any third parties. We do not share any details unless needed for the requirement or improvement of our service towards you.

You are free to fill up with the information that includes name, email address and contact details. The inquiry you make is received by the IMS Motors and all of our branches as well. In case of errors or modifications in the information, you can freely contact us to change the details with the given contact numbers or emails.

Cookies and protection

The cookies of our site will be kept by your device and can be removed manually by clearing the history. We, on the other hand, keep cookies in order to have an easy access to find your data. We don’t use it other than the above mentioned activities and are completely safe with us. However, we cannot guarantee the safety in case of the system of internet that are beyond the IMS motors reach.

In case of changes in our policy, it will be updated so please keep visiting.

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