Message From Chairman


Deepak Malhotra


IMS Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way since its establishment in 1993 withstanding every challenge that struck us on our journey. As it is imperative to stay in tune with the changing times, IMS advanced itself from importing commodities to providing services in the field of technology, real estate, hospitality, commission agency and government tendering.

IMS provides genuine products to its customers through its genuine distribution system. The hard work and efficiency of the company has led us to be the sole national distributor of Samsung mobile phones and Samsung watches. Currently, we aim to excel in what we do and  add other ventures to our name as per the needs.

Having never let anyone down who has ever believed in us has not only helped shape our destiny, but also has reposed our customers’ faith in us. We are totally dependable as a company for our customers and other business houses. We assure our customers that every expectation they have upon us will be met with great effort and endeavor.

Knowing the significance of social development, we do not only thrive in the field of business but also work for the benefit of the society. Taking our corporate social responsibility as one of the most crucial parts of our company, we carry out different social activities under an NGO named “DM Foundation”.

The exceptional reason behind this feat is the love and support we’ve received from everyone. I am hugely grateful to everyone who has ever supported us in any way and hope for the same in coming future. Thank you for everything.

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