Message From President and CEO


Dikesh Malhotra

President and CEO

This organization holds a special place in my heart, representing not only a business venture but also a wellspring of inspiration that guided me into the realm of business. When assuming the role of President and CEO at IMS, I felt a profound responsibility to steer the company in alignment with the core principles instilled by its founder.

My journey with this company commenced with the goal of enhancing people’s lives and contributing to the nation’s sustainability by generating employment opportunities during a period when optimism in the nation was waning. Drawing from my exposure to Western organizational structures, I implemented these concepts within the company. Our unwavering commitment involves tireless efforts directed at achieving our objective of delivering wholehearted satisfaction to our clientele.

Integral to our organizational fabric, our staff members embrace our company’s vision and ideals and personify them. Our approach revolves around harnessing our employees’ potential and fostering their growth, enabling them to excel in their respective capacities. Through the cultivation of a supportive workplace environment and the orchestration of various engagements, including sports and social activities, our staff is akin to an extended family. Empowering every staff member with a sense of ownership and a heightened awareness of leveraging their unique skill sets has positioned our company as a coveted choice for enterprising young individuals seeking professional opportunities.

With profound gratitude and an enduring memory of your unwavering backing, each and every IMS team member is dedicated to satisfying the requirements and desires of our esteemed customers. Progressing daily, we are resolute in our pursuit of transforming our vision into reality: becoming the foremost and most esteemed choice for our patrons. We hold firm in our belief that we are instrumental in our nation’s advancement, contributing to a cause that transcends mere financial gains.

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