Our History

In the early 1990s, Nepal faced a shortfall in technology and essential services such as consultancy and telecommunication, thereby impeding the nation’s economic and technological advancement. This void acted as a cause to highlight the demand for these critical services in Nepal.

Amidst this backdrop, Mr. Deepak Malhotra, the visionary founder, established International Marketing Services, which has evolved into the formidable entity known as Integrated Mobility Solutions (IMS). This journey has been one of remarkable growth, marked by the assimilation of new enterprises under the IMS Group umbrella. With a strategic vision, IMS harmonised these diverse entities, giving rise to the unified powerhouse known today as IMS Group. The crucial objective behind this has been the enrichment of Nepal’s technological and economic landscapes. Rooted in the ethos of customer satisfaction, IMS Group stands as a beacon of empowerment for the citizens of Nepal.

Over the past thirty-one years, IMS Group has not only proliferated but also diversified its ventures. This evolution is eloquently demonstrated by the array of companies operating under the IMS Group mantle. Presently, IMS oversees more than 20 distinct entities. The trajectory of growth has been integral to IMS Group’s unwavering commitment to augmenting the nation’s GDP through innovative technological and economic initiatives. Simultaneously, the Group has played a catalytic role in national development by fostering employment opportunities for over 700 individuals across Nepal.

In the dynamic world of technology and intensifying competition, IMS Group has responded by expanding its horizons, further solidifying its market presence. This expansive reach resonates with a diverse range of services encompassed within IMS, including IMS SMart, IMS Connect, IMS Care, Cellcom, DJI Drones, IMS Motors, IMS Airport Services, Silver Valley Developers, Grande International Hospital, Synergy Corporation, The Leaf Resort, Hotel Shahenshah, Le Temor Spa & Resort, Times Energy, Shree Mount Rasuwa Upper Mailung Hydro Power, Upper Bheri Hydro electronic Project, Parakito & Crane Baby, Dr. Brown’s, Himalaya Baby Care, BB Luv, Dreambaby, Energizer, IMS Little Smiles, SpaceTime Network, IMS Cement, IMS Consultancy, Civil Bank, Nepal Infrastructure Bank, Citizens Life Insurance, Reliance Insurance, IMS Agro & DM Foundation.

IMS Group’s pioneering spirit came to the fore in 1998 when it made history as the first company in Nepal to officially import mobile phones. This groundbreaking initiative aimed to catalyse Nepal’s technological and economic prospects by democratising access to mobile communication throughout the nation.

A cornerstone of IMS Group’s operations is the distribution of its products and services. Collaborating with dealers, distributors, retailers, and suppliers, IMS ensures widespread accessibility to its offerings. Our headquarters are nestled in Kathmandu, Nepal’s vibrant capital.

Central to IMS Group’s enduring success has been its steadfast commitment to integrity and excellence. This commitment has been pivotal in positioning the company at the zenith of the mobile segment, consistently setting it apart from its competitors.

Our journey underscores a profound commitment to progress, empowerment, and innovation. IMS Group remains dedicated to shaping Nepal’s future through technology, economics, and unwavering customer-centricity.

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