IMS – Samsung

The establishment of Integrated Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (IMS), formerly known as International Marketing Services, in 1993 was driven by a strategic imperative to enhance Nepal’s technological and economic landscape. In a pioneering move, IMS became Nepal’s inaugural official importer of mobile phones and has maintained its esteemed status as the official national distributor for Samsung mobile phones and accessories since 2001.

IMS has consistently pursued the advancement of Nepal through innovative endeavors. Its extensive network of 22 distributors and a multitude of retail outlets spanning Nepal has positioned it as a dominant force in the mobile phone sector for an extended duration. The company’s resolute focus on delivering exceptional services, premium products, and competitive pricing has conferred upon IMS a distinct competitive advantage within the Nepali market. In the face of robust global competition, IMS has provided Samsung mobile phones with the essential infrastructure, skilled personnel, and strategic insights necessary to not only establish a firm presence but also flourish within Nepal’s market. Furthermore, IMS also holds the esteemed title of being the National distributor for Samsung consumer electronics in Nepal.

Guided by a workforce of over 300 dedicated professionals who uphold a straightforward philosophy, unwavering values, and the highest ethical standards, IMS consistently propels its growth trajectory and attains its objectives. This collective commitment and enduring dedication of its employees have propelled IMS to secure a prominent No.1 standing in Nepal’s mobile segment.

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Smartphones, recognized as the prevalent Android-based smartphones within the Nepali market, are officially distributed by IMS Group, the national distributor for Samsung smartphones. Catering to Nepali customers, IMS Group offers an extensive selection of mid-range and high-end Samsung phones.

Samsung Tablets

In addition to smartphones, Samsung’s versatile lineup encompasses tablets. IMS Group assumes the role of disseminating Samsung Tablets across the country. Leveraging Samsung’s diversified range of tablets, IMS Group contributes to making Samsung one of the foremost and most accessible providers of tablets in the market. Specifically, IMS offers the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S series, particularly suited for premium tablet experiences.

Samsung Accessories

In its capacity as the national distributor, IMS presents an array of Samsung accessories, including the sought-after Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy Watches. These premium accessories can be conveniently acquired at IMS Smart showrooms situated throughout Nepal.

Samsung Monitors

Solidifying its role as the Authorized National distributor, IMS now represents Samsung Monitors. Renowned for their unparalleled immersion, performance, and stunning picture quality, Samsung Monitors boast features such as ergonomic design and eye care technology. Traditionally acclaimed for its gaming models, Samsung’s monitor lineup finds an extensive presence through IMS, which now provides a comprehensive array of Samsung Monitors within Nepal.