IMS Consultancy

IMS Consultancy is an international trading company that specializes in the trading of consumer goods, commodities, medicines, pesticides, technical equipment, automobile parts, and handicrafts. The company was established to deliver goods and services by means of tender quotations. It possesses global strength in both purchasing and selling a wide variety of commodity goods, technical equipment, automobile parts, and handicrafts by having affiliated offices positioned throughout the world.

The founder chairman of the company, Mr. Deepak Malhotra, with the objective of fulfilling the gap between investors (foreign and local) and the government, established IMS Consultancy in 2014.

IMS Consultancy has been the consistent focus of the company to source products in bulk with high quality to meet the customer’s expectations. It has continuously been every client’s supplier of choice by delivering quality products and services at the best prices and par expectations.

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