IMS Agro


Agriculture is the backbone of our national economy, the means of livelihood for the majority of the population, and the main source of GDP, income, and employment opportunities in Nepal. At present, it alone contributes about 27 % to the national GDP and provides part and full-time employment opportunities to almost 65 % of its population.

We see tremendous efforts made by the government, national and international organizations (non-profit), and private sectors for agriculture modernization but we are not being able to see significant changes in improving farmers’ income. We are still lacking behind in terms of interventions and adoption of commercialization in agriculture. Agriculture experts see immense opportunities in the Nepalese agriculture sector and recommend that if we want to modernize our subsistence farming system and increase farms’ income, then science and technology-based collaborative efforts from related stakeholders have to be put forward for harvesting maximum benefit from this sector.

About IMS Agro

“A journey of trust and quality towards sustainable agriculture”

IMS -Agro is a new venture of IMS Group Nepal. To bridge the gap between the existing farming system and technology based profitable farming business IMS Agro was established in B.S. 2075 (A.D. 2018). IMS Agro team comprises of highly qualified agricultural specialists to cater for needs related to agriculture in our agrarian society. The team has profound agriculture knowledge, long standing experience in agribusiness and practical implementation of innovative ideas in the field of agriculture.

Our vision is to be a one stop solution in agricultural business in Nepal. We strive to ensure continuous availability of latest and state of the art agricultural inputs with consistent technical support for agricultural production on a sustainable basis through a customer friendly approach as well as ensuring profitability of Nepalese farmer.

IMS Agro seeks to provide the best affordable agricultural inputs reliably, timely and efficiently through an extensive distribution network, supported by training, innovation and product development.

IMS Agro consists of three wings to promote commercialization of agriculture for better future of Nepalese farmers.

IMS Agro Farm

IMS-Agro Farm is located at Barju Rural Municipality of Sunsari district. This farm is spread over 17 hectares. Here, we conduct research on different crop varieties (Cereals, High Value Crops & Vegetables) both local and hybrid varieties, which hold high economic potential in sub-tropical climatic conditions.IMS Agro Seed

IMS Agro Seed

IMS Agro Seed focuses on two aspects of the seed business in Nepal. In one, we focus on the marketing of high-quality seed varieties imported from third countries. The other is the promotion of local seed varieties in Nepal.

IMS Agro Input Supply Business

IMS Agro Input Supply Business focuses on improving the quality of farmers’ life with our products and services at market competitive prices. Our strength is uninterrupted supply of products that are tested and verified by agricultural research centers and universities. We work continuously on product improvement and introduce latest technologies at farm level.